Black Bean and Beetroot Burgers

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Plant-based, protein-packed, and high in fibre; these black bean and beetroot burgers are great for the gut—and they’re totally delicious! Enjoy with your favourite salad, or turn into a vegan burger with all your favourite fillings.  Makes two serves of two burgers (4 burgers in total). Each serve containing 470 calories, 17g protein, and 16g … Read More

High-Fibre Cupcakes

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You heard it here first: these high-fibre cupcakes will do more good for your gut health than most trendy supplements. Why? Because above all else, getting plenty of fibre from a variety of dietary sources is key to maintaining a healthy microbiome. You can forget above bone broths and detox teas; the science is in … Read More

Crispy Roast Chicken and Sourdough Salad

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This crispy roast chicken and sourdough salad is the perfect way to use up all the bread we’ve been baking throughout lockdown. Just slice off the crusts, pan fry it in the juices from the roast chicken, and get the outsides all golden and crunchy. Delicious. And the secret to getting the skin of your … Read More

Gut-Healthy Soda Bread

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Love homemade bread but really can’t be bothered going through the whole process? Me too, a lot of the time. The answer? Soda bread. After years of wondering why soda bread is called soda bread even though there is exactly ZERO soda water in it, I realised that it’s actually named after the bicarbonate of … Read More

High-Protein Banana Bread Muffins

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Who doesn’t love banana bread, or banana bread muffins! These individual serves of an Aussie breakfast favourite deliver on both flavour and nutrition, with a decent amount of protein per serve thanks to the Aussie Bodies FIT Whey Protein, plus a little fibre thanks to the oat flour — which, by the way, is just … Read More