Magic Manuka Lozenges for Winter-time - The Video Blog.

Winter is here! Well....almost. And only in one half of the world.

But for those of you who are starting to catch those colds floating about the office, here's something I make each year and find extremely useful.

Although most (if not all) of the alcohol evaporates off during boiling, if you want to be extra doubly super-dooper careful with these and kids, maybe forget the tincture and just pop the dried licorice root in with the ginger when making your decoction (tea).

- 30g ginger root
- 25mL licorice tincture (see my video on infused oils for tips on this one!)
- 300mL water
- 500g brown sugar (yep...but hey, you're sick!)
- 1-2 tsp high-strength manuka honey
- 1 tsp cream of tartar

Grate the ginger in to a saucepan and add the water. Cover it with a lid and boil for 8-10 minutes before straining. You can get rid of the ginger after this, but keep the water. Add the tincture, honey, cream of tartar, and 500g of sugar and put it back on the stove. Once it's boiling and all the sugar is dissolved, turn the heat down to a low flame and let it reduce. You'll know when it's done by taking a teaspoon-full and pouring it in to cold water. If it forms a string of toffee, you're good to go.

Pour the mix in to a greased chocolate mould or ice-cube tray and leave in the fridge to set!

Ta-da! Suck on one whenever you have a sore throat :)

Herbnerd out.