A rather delicious Lolaberry-Lavender Smoothie!

So, foodies and health-nuts alike will all have seen that Miss Lola Berry has released another stunning cookbook in recent weeks. You'd be hard pressed not to have seen the delicious recipes circulating on Insta as avid clean-eaters trial her recipes. I can verify that it's pretty awesome, and caters for all of us - from the carnivorous paleo, to vegan, to raw foodies, the gluten and dairy-intolerant. All of us. 

I got super excited though when I discovered her lavender-blueberry smoothie (that sits amongst pages of other incredible smoothie temptations) and needed to try it. You all know, if you saw my last video, how much I love lavender as a calming, nerve-settling herbal medicine. And blueberries are chockas full of disease-fighting antioxidants. 

The verdict: Freaking delicious!


Get over to www.lolaberry.com to get more Lola and more 20/20 Diet Cookbook.