Ba-Zing! Orange and Pomegranate Energy Elixir: The Recipe

It turned out that twice as many of you wanted a remedy for a pep-me-up than those who wanted a sleeping-aid. It's a pleasant surprise for me; I have spoken so much about sleepy herbs on the blog that it's a nice change of pace to talk about the other end of the spectrum: "How can I stay awake?!?"

What you'll need:

- Peel of one orange, finely diced

- 5g. dried ginger, powdered

- 20g. dried Korean ginseng ("Panax", available at good health food stores) 

- Vodka, to cover

- 100% pomegranate juice, to taste (dark grape will do in a pinch)

How to make it:

- Firstly, make a tincture by grinding the ginseng (a mortar and pestle or an electric coffee grinder will do the trick) and pour it in to a jar with the orange peel and ginger. Cover with vodka, seal the jar, and place in a cool, dark place for two weeks.

- Strain the mix and measure out the tincture. Depending on how much vodka you used in step one, you should have somewhere between 50 and 100ml of tincture. 

- Pour the tincture in to a glass bottle and make the remedy up to 300ml with pomegranate juice (for example: if you have 60ml of the tincture, use 240ml juice, or if you have 90ml tincture, use 210ml juice). Your remedy will have the same effect regardless of what ratios you end up with, as the amount of herb is the same. However if you don't like the taste of alcohol and want it sweeter, then try to use less vodka in step one (you'll need to dice your orange peel in to very small pieces and grind the ginseng to a powder).

- Take a 30ml shot first thing in the morning in place of your coffee, or whenever you need a pick-me-up!

- This recipe makes ten serves and will last up to two weeks in the fridge.

Enjoy! And check back tomorrow for this week's vote. A little birdy tells me that it might be a remedy for kids :)


- Reece.

NB: This recipe contains alcohol so is not suitable for those under the age of eighteen, pregnant women, or those who cannot consume alcohol.