You Wanted A Cramp-Busting De-Bloater, and here it is...

Ginger is our number one home remedy for tummy cramps and bloating. It has actually been shown to inhibit the same pathways in the body that our common anti-inflammatory drugs do. Below is a simple remedy for a tea that will banish the bloat and relieve a tummy pain, and can be consumed two or three times daily for optimal effect. For best results, add a few complementary herbs that address the particular cause of your discomfort (see below) and if period pain is your dilemma, you'll see the best results if you start drinking this one or two days before you expect the pain to begin.

What you'll need:

One thumb of fresh ginger, grated

- Enough water to cover

- If your bloat comes from food or IBS: 1 cinnamon stick, crushed, and/or a handful of fresh peppermint

- If menstrual cramps are the issue, you might like to add 1 tsp. dried cramp bark (find a fancy health food store that stocks it!)

Have 2-3 cups daily for relief.

Photo by Shaiith/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Shaiith/iStock / Getty Images

To make a decoction:

Unlike an infusion, you need to keep the heat going on this one. Put all your ingredients in to a small pot, and boil (with a lid on) for ten minutes. Strain, sweeten with a little manuka honey (if you like) and you're ready to go!