This 'un-diet' is inspired by Reece's own eating plan, then perfected by his years of clinical practice, where he learnt to help clients shift stubborn fat and maintain lean muscle tissue. It pulls out common irritants from the diet and ensures adequate levels of commonly deficient nutrients - namely B vitamins and magnesium - are met every day. These nutrients are essential for the human body's production of energy, metabolic processes, and mood regulation.

Feeling sluggish? Want a healthy kick-start? Or just looking for an easy to follow nutrition plan – and some real nutritional education – from an expert who walks the talk? Subscribe for your four-week plan now.

What to expect:

- Reece's food philosophy, and a brief nutrition education.

- A weekly shopping list designed to minimise waste. You only buy what you need.

- Six recipes each week that are interchangeable and varied, delivering a simple-to-follow weekly meal plan. The recipes delivered each week build upon one another so as to give you increased flexibility and variety in weeks 2, 3, and 4.

- The plan is suitable for those avoiding dairy and gluten, but currently does not contain vegetarian or vegan options. Watch this space!

NB: If you are looking for an individualised diet plan, or have specific health concerns, we recommend booking a consultation with Reece here.