Reece's Four-Week Wellness Diet

Reece's Four-Week Wellness Diet


This 'diet' is inspired by Reece's own eating plan, then perfected by his years of clinical practice, where he learnt to help others shift stubborn fat and maintain lean muscle tissue. It pulls out common irritants from the diet and ensures adequate levels of commonly deficient nutrients - namely B vitamins and magnesium - are met every day. 

Feeling sluggish? Want a kick-start before summer? Or just want an easy to follow diet plan and some real nutritional education from an expert in the field who walks the talk? Subscribe for your four-week plan now.

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For each of the four weeks, you will receive an email including:

- An inspiring and informative education around nutrition and Reece's healthy eating philosophy.

- Your weekly shopping list.

-  Two breakfast recipes, Three main meal recipes, and five snack suggestions.

- Your cooking and eating schedule, to make eating around a busy lifestyle manageable (and enjoyable!)

- Access to email Reece with questions and queries surrounding the program.

Note: All recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free, but currently does not offer vegetarian or vegan options.